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Real-time crank timing verification and combustion analysis

For this new and unique feature the MCS5 takes in the signals from the engine's production crank/cam sensors
to produce a high resolution internal crank angle.

The Crank Analyzer window supports the following display modes:
one engine cycle (720) plus margines to previous and next cycle
individual cylinder segment relative to TDC
cylinder segments merged relative to their TDC

Technical Details
Internal resolution of 0.05 up to 18.000 rpm
Crank angle display absolute (720 engine cycle), or relative to individual cylinder TDC
8 Digital In- and Outputs (direction configurable by groups of 2), resolution 0.05
8 Analog inputs 12bit, range 0... 5V , resolution 0.5
Reference wheel configurations

The crank reference wheel configuration is software-selectable from a list of pre-defined patterns.
The following industry standard 'missing tooth'-configurations are currently available:

60 - 2
36 - 2
24 - 2

For implementations of configurations other than those shown above, please contact us.

Engine configuration

Up to 12 Cylinders
Configurable TDC assignment and firing order
Configurable offset to missing tooth reference mark
Programmable cylinder segment trigger pulse

Live Demo
This simple animation shows the Crank Analyzer in action, requires Adobe Flash Player.

The following signals are shown in each of the three display modes:
Crank reference wheel tooth pulse
Cam position sensor pulse
Ignition coil control pulses (active high logic)
Injector control pulses (active high logic)
Cylinder pressure (suggested simulation)

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